• Adam

Celebration of Life recording available!

Greetings to all... we've finally gotten the video uploaded from our Celebration of Life event on 7/11/20. To keep the file size down, it's a raw format without any captions identifying speakers & such. Please take a look and share your additional memories!

We had a wonderful time and the Cummings family is grateful to the Goodspeeds and Coffins for hosting us for the event amidst the rainy weather and pandemic restrictions.

We hope to continue to receive memories through this site and will share more content as we receive it.



Share your memories and moments with us!  Give us laughs, tears, shock & horror! ;)

Pagra, Dad, Ed, Deadly Edly, Big Ed -- The man was an institution.  We created this site as a way to keep us all connected, and to collect as many laughs and important moments as we can.  Please stay in contact with us and please, please add your own blog entries to share memories.

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